Resource Hints - What is Preload, Prefetch, and Preconnect?[转]

Today we are going to explore current resource hints and directives which can be another great way to boost the performance on your website or web application. You might have heard of preload, prefetch, and preconnect, but we want to dive deeper into the differences between them how you can benefit from them. Some of the advantages of these is that they allow web developers to optimize delivery of resources, reduce round trips, and fetch resources to deliver content faster while a user is browsing a page.

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Bootstrap实战 - 瀑布流布局

讲 Bootstrap 基础的教程网上已经很多了,实际上 Bootstrap 中文网(里的文档已经写的很详细了,但实战的案例却不多。这里用一些当前流行的网页布局为导向,使用 Bootstrap 中的样式来完成它。每次只讲与案例相关的知识点,边学边练,加强理解。练习本案例需有 HTML/CSS 基础。


瀑布流是近几年流行起来的一种网页布局,视觉表现为参差不齐的多栏布局,本案例便是使用 Bootstrap 实现一个瀑布流布局。

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